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Time For Cat Play

Watching your cat play is very entertaining. They like to play by themselves, and they like to play interactively with a human.
Kittens are fluffy bundles of energy and playing is essential to their growth. Playing helps them develop their physical coordination and balance, and some toys even help them develop problem solving skills.
Kittens are happy little creatures and very curious. They can find the simplest item to entertain themselves. As your cat grows into a cat, you may have to have interactive play time to stimulate their playing instincts, or they will become lazy.
Cats like to be on the hunt like wild cats do. Wild cats are truly looking for food, and you can simulate this desire in your domestic cat with interactive toys. These toys encourage your kitten or cat to jump, chase and run to win the game. Allow them to win once in a while and let them catch their prey, but don't allow them to win all of the time. If they always catch their prey, or if the hunt is just too difficult, they will loose interest and not play at all.
Kittens and cats claws and teeth can wound your skin, so keep them from interacting too close to your face, especially your eyes, and your hands. If you get bit or scratched, cleanse it immediately with an antiseptic like alcohol or peroxide. This is especially true if your cat goes outside at all, but even indoor cats can cause infections.
My husband was bit and scratched several times as he waved his hand trying to get a feral cat out of a shelter. He ended up in emergency about 15 hours later with a very aggressive infection. He was given high doses of antibiotics for 3 days. If he would have waited until the next day before getting help, the situation could have become very serious for him.
Cat toys can be as simple as an opened paper sack or an empty box. They love to play with a skein of yarn or a wadded up piece of paper or foil. Holiday or birthday time allows many fun places for them to play and hide as presents are opened and left on the floor. They also like to bat milk jug rings around your kitten floor or any smooth surface.
A fun interactive toy is tying a piece of folded paper to string and drag it around the room. For more fun, raise it in the air or hide it around furniture or a door way. This gets you moving as well as your cat, and it helps to eliminate their boredom.
Getting your cat to play also helps to eliminate obesity. Older cats suffering with obesity is one of the biggest problems of an indoor cat.
Toys that cats like to play with are varied, and should be changed often so your kitty doesn't get bored with any particular one. It may take several tries to figure out what they like to play with. As cat lovers we know that cats are finicky little creatures, and what they love to play with today, may not be their toy of choice tomorrow.
Here are a few toys that are fun for your cat and you - whether you are watching or interacting with them.
Crazy Circle Cat Toy - This toy has a ball that they bat around inside a ring. They can hit it back and forth, and chase it as it goes round and round. Try as they may, they cannot dislodge the ball from the ring. Some rings even have surfaces in the center on which they can scratch.
Laser Toy - These lasers can be pointed on the floor, furniture and any surface you don't mind if they jump upon, because they will try to chase it. Cats love to chase these lights. CAUTION: Do not shine the lights in your feline's eyes.
Catnip bubbles - I use to love to play with bubbles as a kid, and now you can blow bubbles and let your cat try to catch them. These bubbles have catnip scent, and they are safe for your cat and easy on any surface on which they land.
Kitty teasers - These are feathered objects dangling from a stick. They are very interactive as you move the object, they run and jump and chase it.
Peek-a-boo box - These are square wooden boxes with holes all around them. Place a small toy or treat inside and they will try to get the objects out of the box.
Don't forget the usual variety of balls and furry little mice. Avoid purchasing or making any toy that can shred easily or break apart into many small pieces. Don't give them a reason or opportunity to chew or swallow any toy or its parts. It is often wise to watch them play so you can make sure they are complete safe.
Enjoy your feline. Keep her safe. You will have hours of entertainment as you watch them play.
Disclaimer: I am not a veterinarian nor do I have any formal training in any medical field. This article is not to replace the advice of your veterinarian. I am only providing options and ideas that you may want to discuss with your veterinarian.
Having had cats and dogs most of her life, Lori Kniff is concerned about the health and safety of our best friends, our dogs and cats.
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